Thermal Printable Disposable Paper Wristband For Medical With FM1108 Chip

Print on demand using a Direct Thermal Printer. Our direct thermal wristbands are compatible with a wide range of wristband thermal printers. Print high quality text, linear barcodes, 2-D barcodes and more.

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    RFID Disposable Thermal Paper Wristband
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Thermal Printable Disposable Paper Wristband For Medical With FM1108 Chip


Type: UHF Passive Tag

Frequency: 860~960MHz / 13.56 Mhz

Protocol: ISO 18000-6C / 14443A / 15693 /

Size: 21.5*215 mm / 30*215 mm

Thickness: 0.3 mm

Inlay Material: PET+AL

Packaging Material: DuPont  paper

Memory Size: 96bit ~8kbit

Chip: H3 / H4/ S50 / FM08 /NTAG203

Operating Mode: Read / Write

Reading Distance: 0.1~1.5 m  (Depend on the reader and the working environment.)

Operating Temp.: -20~+60 (Celsius)

Storage Temp.: -25~+100 (Celsius)

Thermal Printable Wristband


Enable cashless point of sale and access management while enhancing each guest's experience. Using Meihe thermal print-on-demand barcoded amusement park and attraction wristbands, you can reduce ticket fraud and improve transaction speeds.

RFID Thermal Printable Wristband For Amusement Park


Natatorium, fairground, factory, bathhouse, amusement park, medical/hospital etc.

RFID Thermal Printable Wristband


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