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Smart bracelet, in our lives, there are smart watches, smart pedometers and mobile medical test table and other names. These are the names everyone gives according to its function. Written definition of the smart bracelet is simple, is a wearable smart devices, through the watch to show to people, easy to carry, commonly known as the bracelet.
People wear smart bracelets to record real-time data from daily activities such as exercise, sleep, and eating and drinking, and synchronize these data with mobile phones, tablets and iPod touch to guide the healthy life through data.
Smart bracelets on the market generally have different functions, most of which are for tracking health data. Such as monitoring the number of steps, mileage, calorie consumption, sleep quality and other user health data, to provide users with a reasonable diet, exercise or sleep recommendations to help users better manage their own health.

Most of the bracelets have 2-3 of them. Of course, there are a handful of hospital disease detection equipment made into a watch form, such as: oximeter. But in the hospital we basically called oximeter, rarely called smart bracelet, of course, some businesses for sale to individual users call it smart bracelet.
In addition to the wristwatch-type medical devices the hospital uses to diagnose disease, most of the smart bracelets currently on the market are not tested with secondary medical equipment or have not been granted a Level 2 medical device license. Smart bracelets without a medical device license should all be called electronic products and their measured human health index can only be used as a reference and can not be used for medical diagnosis. Therefore, the smart bracelet in our life is basically non-medical electronic products.
Whether it is a smart bracelet abroad or a domestic brand, the smart bracelet has the core function as a health tracker to help users better manage their own health and is also very helpful to our daily exercise.
So, smart bracelet pedometer, calorie consumption, deep sleep time and other data accuracy is reliable?
Counting function is reliable?
Pedometer is the core selling point of smart bracelets. The pedometer principle is actually based on the three-axis acceleration sensor to achieve tracking steps, as long as the hand a move, it records. Many smart phones have this ability, it through the built-in smart sensor and software combination can achieve the function of pedometer.
In fact, from its pedometer principle we can judge his accuracy. For example, sitting in a chair shaking hands, it will record the number of steps. However, the smart bracelet will record the user's daily walk and target achievement rate through the built-in sensor and record the movement trend over a period of time to help understand and analyze the user's health habits and have certain reference value.
How to get the calories come from?
Smart bracelet calories are calculated by counting the number of steps, and then according to a certain algorithm to calorie consumption, including our normal walking, jogging, running and other steps, but it is difficult to determine the various sports Proportion and intensity.
For example, a person ran 21000 steps, smart bracelet if the default is to walk by ordinary, then the calories consumed compared to running, there will be some error. Coupled with the pedometer itself is not particularly accurate record, so the calorie consumption monitoring can only provide a reference for our calorie consumption.
However, some smart bracelets have the function of diet monitoring by scanning the QR code of the food or inputting the name of the food through the software on the mobile terminal. The software calculates the calories contained in the food, and this manual input and the complexity of Chinese food The data accuracy will be relatively accurate, but only for our diet has a certain reference value, people with diabetes can refer to.
The quality of sleep testing are not allowed?
Another great feature of the smart bracelet is to monitor the quality of sleep, including sleep time, wake up time, light sleep time, wake times and deep sleep time, which is another propaganda point of many bracelets.
Some smart bracelets through daily monitoring to form a long-term mechanism, to draw a long-term trend of quality of sleep, to help you understand and make improvements to sleep.
However, the quality of sleep test quasi-accurate?
First of all, we talk about the calculation of the sleep of the smart bracelet, most of the bracelet based on three-axis acceleration sensor to calculate the sleep situation. Such as frequent turning is shallow sleep or awake.
However, deep sleep or medicine to detect deep sleep through EEG, eye movements, chest and abdomen movement and a number of parameters to diagnose. From this calculation of sleep quality principle, the smart bracelet does not currently have EEG and eye movements. It can be said that just based on body movement calculated as the quality of sleep can only be used as reference, is not accurate.
Of course, not to say that the smart bracelet is not accurate, so it is not necessary to compare the smart bracelet with the medical equipment in our daily life. Because the medical instrument must be used to cure the illness, it must be accurate, otherwise it will be life-threatening. Everyday life as long as there is a reference.
In general, smart bracelets bring fashion and fun to our lives, making our lives smarter.

Smart bracelet function
Low energy consumption "love to share" smart bracelet built-in low-power Bluetooth 4.0 module, you can phone, tablet, PC client connection, you can set height, weight, stride and other information and upload anytime, anywhere exercise data. In addition, the smart bracelet also has social networking sharing features, such as users can sleep quality, diet and exercise conditions and mood records through the Weibo and other social networking sites to share.
Whenever fatigue reminder time, smart bracelet will be reminded in the form of alarm clock to rest, suitable for high-pressure office crowd, the design is very humane.
In the use of time, the smart bracelet built a lithium polymer battery, battery life of up to 10 days, life is still very strong.
There are two main types of smart bracelet pedometer function. One for the three-dimensional rhythmic movement state sensor (three-axis acceleration sensor) The other is a green photoelectric measurement method (photoelectric effect), but because of the heart rate photoelectric transmission measurement need to add a chip in the back of the bracelet, with hand touch to monitor .

Taking sleeping as an example, set Jawbone up to sleep mode before going to bed and synchronize it with your iPhone device the next morning to see your sleeping time, awake time, deep sleep / light sleep, overall sleep Quality and other information. For weight-loss and fitness people, "Jawbone UP" smart bracelet is a responsible personal trainer, you can tell you the daily exercise path, calories and calories burned. , You can also set the movement of the target, such as how many steps to go, how many calories burned, etc., but also real-time display of the completion rate of exercise, exercise can reduce weight can be quantified, for those who can not adhere to a big blessing. Smart bracelet with high-grade waterproof function, you can wear a bracelet within 10 meters of the shallow sea or river swimming, to overcome the traditional pedometer can not track swimming defects, the use is also more extensive.
Smart bracelet also has social networking sharing features, such as users can sleep quality, diet and exercise conditions and mood records by binding Facebook or Twitter to share. For older people, it is also a patron saint. Through the built-in GPS connector, it can always inform the relevant hospital or family members about their health and location at any time.

Smart bracelet is a wearable smart device. With this bracelet, users can record real-time data such as exercise, sleep and diet in their daily lives and synchronize these data with iOS or Android devices to guide healthy living through data. Smart bracelet of concern mainly Nike + Fuelband, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up 2 and several follow-up of domestic brands.

However, Meihe company have developed a variety of RFID smart chip to join the bracelet, so smart wristbands more powerful, it is not only a smart bracelet is an RFID card, it can not only replace membership cards, consumer cards, recharge Card, you can also substitute access control cards, subway cards, bus cards. If you are a fitness enthusiast, our RFID wristband is your best choice, not only time display, motion tracking, exercise reminder, heart rate testing, calorie consumption records, but also to replace fitness recharge cards, fitness club members Card, allowing you to liberate your hands, going out to exercise no longer do not bring a lot of things with friends, RFID smart bracelet will remind you phone calls, WeChat QQwhatsapp and other messages can be simultaneously reminded, simply do not function too powerful oh. Come see it, if you have any interest, please contact us quickly, the opportunity does not wait for people.

RFID Smart Bracelet

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