Laundry Tag (label) Solution 2017-11-27
First, the system overview
At present, hotels, hospitals, bathhouses and professional washing companies are facing the annual handling of tens of thousands of pieces of work clothes, linen transfer, washing, ironing, sorting, storage and other processes, how to effectively track the management of each piece Linen washing process, the number of inventory status and effective classification of linen is a great challenge, the traditional washing industry mainly faces the following problems:
1, the transfer of paper washing tasks, complex procedures, difficult to query;
2, due to the fear of cross-infection, resulting in the number of cloth to be washed count the number of work can not be carried out, the number of good washing does not match when charged easily lead to commercial disputes;
3, each step of the washing process can not be accurately monitored, there is leakage processing section of cloth;
4, a good cloth classification accurately classified issues
The system uses RFID radio frequency identification technology, ultra-high frequency (UHF) laundry labels applied to the intelligent management of laundry, building a laundry industry fast take-clothes, sorting, automatic counting, take clothing efficient working platform, Greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce the error rate. The system compared with the traditional manual management has the following characteristics:
1, batch scanning identification, without a single scan, convenient manual transfer, management, easy to use and quick;
2, improve work efficiency and economic benefits, save staff costs and reduce costs;
3, fully automatic design, improve service quality;
4, can accurately distinguish customers, laundry categories and its due preferential services;
5, record customer information and laundry statistics, generate various reports, ready to query and print information.
6, the system is sensitive and reliable, safe and durable equipment;
The core idea of the system is to utilize the uniqueness of UHF RFID tags and the features of quick and easy one-time batch scanning of the reader and writer. The specific features of the hardware device are as follows:
1, the unique label, anti-counterfeiting Each chip has its own piece of "ID card": the world's only digital code, and the digital code in the factory production has been cured in the chip, can not be changed, but also the storage area , You can store the label belongs to the category, customer and other information.
2, reader high reading rate, high stability;
Reliable identification of not less than 6m;
Reliable identification of fast moving targets up to 80km / h;
Recognition rate of up to 200 tags per second;
3, can read and write zones to achieve multi-label at the same time reading, with anti-collision function;
4, high information security and confidentiality.
Second, the system design
Each hotel contains hundreds of rooms, quilts, sheets, towels and towels, a considerable number, so many textiles every day to leave the hotel, to be cleaned, pressed and folded before returning to the hotel, plus so many hotels, so that It is more difficult for the laundries to track the locations and quantities of those textiles and confirm that they have all been returned.
For hotels: hoping to track the number of times each item was cleaned, estimating the life of those items based on the number of washes, and also expecting to receive an alert when the item reaches the maximum number of washes, indicating that the item may require replace.

For the washing shop: the need to distinguish between different types of different types of textile hotels and the number of textile cleaning, but also need to address the hotel when the transfer of washing, quick inventory of washing and storage, out of the warehouse list. And through the use of RFID UHF laundry label just solved the above demand.

RFID Laundry Tag Solution

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