Intelligent library management terminal applications 2017-12-11
Books because of a wide range of large quantities, borrowing and quick turnover characteristics, the intelligent management of an urgent need for a more comprehensive system solutions. According to research and analysis, there are currently over 10,000 libraries nationwide, and most libraries have transitioned from purely manual management to digital management using bar code recognition, computer networks and computer software technologies.

Self-help books for books, quick inventory of books, search, disorderly books and other books hinder the library to further improve the management and service levels, Meihe company with the company's own property rights and networking technology, network design, intelligent Library management terminal.

Intelligent library management terminal applications
System construction
The core of the terminal is the use of RFID tag technology to achieve automatic data collection capabilities, combined with the database and software management system to achieve self-service library borrowing, book inventory, book shelves, book search, book security, library card management, library card issuance, collection Information statistics and more.
System based on RFID technology, RFID middleware as a medium to achieve the advanced combination of RFID technology and library management methods for the management of the library provides a very effective technical means, the advanced RFID technology, database technology and library management The system is organically integrated to provide readers with more convenient and quick service such as library borrowing, inquiry and other intelligent services. At the same time, the dual information of readers' information and borrowing books are recorded, and the unified management of the whole information process is realized.
Le Fan intelligent library management terminal applications
System to achieve functionality
RFID intelligent library management terminal includes:

Library entry system will enter the new library information into the RFID tag, affixed to the book, and the book storage location and other information to the backstage management database. RFID tags longer life than ordinary bar codes and magnetic stripe.

Rack management system for the librarian in the books and organize the wrong books to use when the books inventory inventory management, administrators can reduce the workload and effectively improve work efficiency.
Self-service borrowing card system for readers to borrow books on their own.
Self-service renewal system through the network operation, the reader in the library intelligent terminals, self-check books in the library situation, storage location, and can handle the renewal of books.
Self-service borrow books also books readers to borrow books self-service function, reduce the workload of administrators, improve library service levels.
Security door system automatically read the borrowing of books, effectively prevent books stolen.

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