RFID sports training appraisal chronograph lap system 2017-12-13
First, the background and system introduction
Students 'physical training as well as the examination standard are the basic requirements of students' physical training. However, for a long time, the training of multiplayer training and the cumbersome examination of many people have always been a difficult and long-standing problem.
Based on this, students using the RFID technology, physical training and assessment system to solve the 1000, 800 meters, 200 meters, 100 meters, 50 meters running subjects at the same time training, assessment timing, counting circle, counting problems. When the training examiners carrying the movement timing chip tag through the timing coil antenna, the timing coil antenna will receive the RFID data signal of the timing chip tag connected to the timing reader connected to it, the timing reader to record the current time And timing chip tag related information, that is completed timing, counting circle, counting function. Competition results can be displayed in real time, the training organizer can be installed on the computer timing system software to view, edit, print the results.
Second, the system content
The physical health of secondary school students on a regular basis to detect and evaluate
Provide scientific training plan for physical fitness training of middle school students
The intelligent assessment and assessment of the effect of physical fitness training for middle school students
Provide scientific fitness exercise prescription for middle school students
Establishment of secondary school students physical evaluation database
Third, the system composition and characteristics
Background data processing middleware
Visual game personnel information entry display module
Data storage, statistics, export module
Data entry, including military name, gender, age, job number and other information
Competition grouping and competition methods, you can set the number of laps
Data save statistics export function
Fourth, the system hardware components and products
Sports timing system reader (trigger reading and writing integrated reader)
Sport Timing Chip (Electronic Tag)
125K sense coil antenna (low-frequency cable antenna)
Operating system server platform (sports timer system)

When students with double-frequency electronic tag through the runway timing coil, 125K low-frequency activated antenna can immediately activate the dual-band electronic tag information, dual-band electronic tag in real time to actively send data to the reader, the reader will read Of the card data uploaded to the connected computer, the computer get the athlete's information, and record the corresponding moment when passing, with special software for a series of processing of the information. The start time of running can be collected by the "Timing Start" button of the reader and uploaded to the background software of the computer. The background software collects the start time and the card information corresponding to the corresponding athlete information, and statistics the competition conditions to achieve running The purpose of automatic timing project.

The system is laid at the end of a set of 125K to sense the coil antenna for the movement of the clock system lap system.
When a student carries a dual frequency chronograph chip tag through the timekeeping carpet antenna, the carpet antenna sends the received RFID tag response signal to its associated reader, which reads the current time and tag information, ie, completes Timing function. Competition results can be displayed in real time, the referee or training organizer can view, edit, print the results through the timing system software installed on the computer.
Five, system advantages
Real-time high: in the field once the label is triggered, immediately upload data, software processing timing information and statistics and time rank information stored in the database;
Strong anti-interference: the human body, metal, dust, moisture will not have any impact on the system, product robustness through rigorous testing;
Installation of equipment convenient: product design fully consider the ease of installation, 125K low frequency and 2.45G dual-band integrated read precision timing requirements, not to lay other equipment, the card issued with the software can be achieved in the long-distance running chronograph lap application;
No crosstalk event occurs: When the same frequency or different frequency high-power microwave equipment used simultaneously, the product will be flexible frequency hopping to avoid interference sources;
Large data capacity: The system uses 2.45G band reader as the main channel for data circulation, data communication rate of 2Mbits / S;
Multi-label recognition at the same time: Each card reader can simultaneously identify 200 cards in the card reader area, no collision without crosstalk;
EMI, EMS ability, the card launch power of one-thousandth of the phone transmit power, green, no electromagnetic radiation hazard. Will not conflict with Bluetooth, 802.11, Wireless LAN;
Low power consumption, long life: the electronic tag will only send data when it enters the trigger coil of the local coil. When the coil does not enter the coil or the coil coil is in the same sense for a long time, the tag will be dormant, which greatly reduces The power consumption of electronic tags, extending the battery life;
Sixth, system hardware product introduction
Electronic smart timing host

Dual-band technology, low-frequency trigger, high-frequency receive data, improve timing accuracy and the number of test
Host can store 200000 data
Support GPS, 4G data upload
The host can use the electronic trigger trigger timing, triggering a distance of 1000 meters from the open environment
Host supports 5 projects at the same time test to improve test efficiency
Host comes with battery support for 12 hours of continuous work
Timing chip using low-power program, do not need to replace the battery within 1 year
200km / h through high-speed can still be accurately measured
Ethernet interface synchronization time, data transmission
Waterproof, anti-pressure, dustproof, dual card lock shell design
Timing chip label

Identification distance: 0 ~ 100 meters adjustable
Recognition speed: 200 km / h
Recognition: with 200 / sec anti-collision performance
Identification: omni-directional recognition
Variable gain: 0 ~ 3 can be selected according to need
Working frequency band: 2.45GHz, 125KHz
Communication speed: 250K
Communication mechanism: based on HDLC TDMA and synchronous communication mechanism
Anti-interference: channel isolation technology, multiple devices do not interfere with each other
Security: encryption computing and security certification, to prevent link detection
Power consumption standard: The average working power is micro-watt level
Life: 1.5 years
Voltage detection: Low voltage can be warning by wireless or buzzer at the same time
Package Features: ABS + PC material, anti-high-intensity drop and vibration
Environmental characteristics: Operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ Operating humidity <95%
Reliability: Waterproof and dustproof to meet the requirements of the industrial environment
Shape: double ear square
Size: 40 × 36 × 12 mm
Weight: 12g
Installation: Add the strap to wear
Timed carpet / induction coil

1) dual-frequency movement timing induction coil needs to be connected with the electronic smart timing host to complete the timing function. When the timing induction coil receives the response signal from the dual-frequency timing chip tag, the read head records the current time and the tag ID number. Timing induction coils can be used in a variety of environments and are waterproof and can be used for running, cycling and snow sports; rugs are fairly durable.

2) Induction coil contains a separate induction circuit (125kHz wake-up for tag activation) and receive loop (2.45G receive tag response signal). Sometimes the resonant frequency of the loop can be affected by the surrounding metal objects (such as reinforced concrete, water pipes, etc.), thus affecting the reading distance. To this end in the reading head contains a special automatic tuning circuit, this effect will be reduced to a minimum.

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