Intelligent office security monitoring system solutions 2017-11-07
In recent years, with the rapid social and economic development, the public security organs at all levels have improved their working conditions and many modern office buildings have been put into operation. However, as a comprehensive office space, the public security office building has a large number of people, Many channels and numerous people and vehicles in evacuation and many other factors have brought tremendous pressure on management, but also put forward higher requirements for safety precautions. Therefore, only through the establishment of a comprehensive integrated security management system, combining technology, defense, material and defense, can we provide the public security officers with a safe, secure, comfortable and intelligent office environment.
    Based on the rich experience in the field of video surveillance and in close connection with the actual application requirements of public security office building, the company introduced the integrated security monitoring system solution for public security smart office space, effectively integrated various security subsystems and realized the linkage and cooperation among various subsystems, Enhance the scientific and technological content and work efficiency of security work.

    The integrated security monitoring system for public security smart office is divided into video and audio monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, card management system (access control, attendance, consumption, visitor management, elevator control, parking management, etc.), integrated security management system, Structure as shown below:

 Video and audio monitoring system: HD network cameras across the board, at the entrance and other important entrances and exits, but also can be used if necessary, high-definition face capture machine, face recognition, capture, storage, comparison, retrieval and other functions; The center adopts CVR direct storage mode to centrally store all the videos in the building.
    Intrusion alarm system: the use of new self-developed Hikvision network alarm host, which can simultaneously support the telephone line, network cable, GPRS three transmission modes, compared to the previous telephone line alarm host, with less delay, multi-center uploading, simple wiring And other characteristics; in the building of the key points of the deployment of the police using infrared radiation, infrared double Kam, vibration probe, glass broken probe, the entire office buildings and the perimeter implementation of a full range of defense and access through the network alarm host system.
    Card Management System: Adopt one CPU card as the identification, and realize many system applications such as access control, attendance management, consumer management, visitor management, elevator control and parking management in the entire office building.
    Integrated Security Management System: The establishment of integrated security management platform to achieve the public security building security system integration and linkage management, and provide security authentication, abnormal data collection, system event analysis and other integrated applications.
    Program highlights
    1) HD video surveillance: no dead ends to monitor, to see the face of the screen and other key details;
    2) Alarm Video Linkage: When the alarm is triggered, it can immediately link with the video monitoring system to check the alarm video. When the fire alarm occurs in the building, it can check the video and open the door to escape the exit to automatically sound the alarm.
    3) Smart Card: Through a contactless card can solve the access control, attendance, consumption, visitor management, ladder control, parking and many other applications, to achieve rights management and identity management of electronic, network, greatly improving the internal management effectiveness;
    4) intelligent vehicle management: license plate capture can be automatically compared to open the barrier, vehicle induction, parking space display, reverse car and other functions.

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