RFID Smart bracelet launched Shanghai,Shenzhen,Beijing bus customized version 2017-11-09
On Oct 22,the first stop of the Meihe RFID smart bracelet "Fun Movement, LeFeel Fu" City Tour Exhibition in Guangfa that Shanghai people can wear the RFID smart bracelet and take the public transportation subway in the future.
RFID Sport Bracelet
As a brand new technological innovation developed independently by Meihe smart Card company, in addition to routinely recording daily exercise, detecting sleep and alerting new messages, the RFID smart bracelet can easily realize the practical functions that other RFID sports bracelets can not fulfill easily. Mobile payment convenience.

Meihe RFID Smart Bracelet is also the first sports bracelet to support air card issuance in China. Users can quickly and easily send and receive card issuance on the APP, simplifying the complicated procedures, Issuing and paying are safer. "

In the on-site sports experience zone, the payment experience zone and the subway experience zone, members of the public can experience the true feelings of the walking machine, the card purchase, the drink and passing through the subway. Mr. Luo, who had a great time in the sports experience area, said he is an IT man who can stay sedentary for a long time. Therefore, he pays particular attention to his daily exercise situation and the health record of the Meihe RFID smart bracelet Especially the step redemption points feature, "Credit + Sports" fresh combination makes him very heart-touching.

It is understood that the Meihe RFID smart bracelet launch Shanghai customized version of the bus, the Shanghai citizens now wear Meihe RFID smart bracelet take the public transport subway, lift the wrist to complete the credit card.

According to the person in charge, with the function of air recharge benefiting more and more cities, Shanghai users in the future is expected to be able to recharge the bus card balance on the APP, for the public bus travel provided a great convenience. In addition, in addition to Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Harbin, the city bus will be launched in Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other places related businesses.

Meihe RFID smart bracelet step data can be directly related to the G-Force APP credit card points, a key to convert the number of steps into the points concessions, walking can make money. The official told reporters that the smart bracelet launch charity activities, the user can donate the number of steps to achieve the charity move.

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