Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of RFID technology 2019-03-20
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless communication technology that uses radio signals to identify specific targets and read and write related data without the need to identify mechanical or optical contact between the system and a particular target.

The radio's signal is transmitted from the tag attached to the item by an electromagnetic field that is modulated into a radio frequency to automatically identify and track the item. Some tags receive energy from the electromagnetic field emitted by the recognizer when they are recognized, and do not require a battery. The tag itself has a power source and can actively emit radio waves (electromagnetic fields modulated to radio frequencies). The tag contains electronically stored information that can be identified within a few meters. Unlike barcodes, RF tags do not need to be within the line of sight of the recognizer, but can also be embedded within the object being tracked.

Radio frequency identification technology is used in many industries. Attaching the label to a car that is in production, the factory can easily track the progress of the car on the production line. The warehouse can track where the medicine is located. Radio frequency tags can also be attached to livestock and pets to facilitate positive identification of livestock and pets (positive identification means preventing several animals from using the same identity). The RFID-enabled identification card allows employees to enter the locked building section, and the RF transponder on the car can also be used to collect the toll road and parking lot.

1. Fast scanning, RFID recognizer can recognize and read several RFID tags at the same time!

2. The size is small, the shape is diversified, and the RFID is not limited in size and shape in reading, and it is not necessary to match the fixed size and printing quality of the paper for reading accuracy. In addition, RFID tags can be developed into smaller and more diverse forms for use in different products.

3. Anti-pollution ability and durability. The carrier of traditional bar code is paper, so it is easily contaminated, but RFID is very resistant to substances such as water, oil and chemicals. In addition, since the bar code is attached to a plastic bag or an outer carton, it is particularly susceptible to breakage; the RFID tag is to store data in the chip and thus be protected from fouling.

4. Reusable, today's bar code can not be changed after printing, RFID tags can repeatedly add, modify, delete data stored in the RFID tag to facilitate the update of information.

5. Penetrating and barrier-free reading, in the case of being covered, RFID can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic, and can communicate transparently. The barcode scanner must be able to read the barcode at close range without object blocking.

6. The data has a large memory capacity, the capacity of the one-dimensional barcode is 50 Bytes, the maximum capacity of the two-dimensional barcode can store 2 to 3000 characters, and the maximum capacity of the RFID has several MegaBytes. With the development of the memory carrier, the data capacity is also expanding. trend. The amount of information that will be carried in future items will increase, and the demand for capacity expansion of the volume label will increase accordingly.

7. Security, because RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be protected by passwords, making its content difficult to be forged and altered.

RFID has attracted attention because of its long-distance reading and high storage capacity. It can not only help a company to greatly improve the efficiency of goods and information management, but also enable sales companies and manufacturing companies to interconnect, so as to more accurately receive feedback information, control demand information, and optimize the entire supply chain.
RFID disadvantage

Introduction to rfid technology advantages and disadvantages
1, the cost of RFID is too high, coupled with RFID transmitters, readers, encoders and antennas and other equipment costs.

2. The issue of privacy. National safety information/confidentiality may leak problems.

3. Once the RFID tag is close to the reader, it will automatically send a message unconditionally, and it is impossible to confirm whether the rfid reader is legal. For example, in people's daily life items, but because the owner of the item (such as clothing) may not be aware that the item is embedded with an electronic tag in advance and may be scanned, positioned and tracked uncontrollably, this will inevitably lead to Personal privacy issues have been violated. The key to infringing on personal privacy issues is the basic function of the RFID tag: any tag's identification (ID) or identification code can be arbitrarily scanned remotely, and the tag automatically and indiscriminately responds to the reader's instructions and Transfer the information it stores to the reader.

4. Objects or environments containing metals and moisture will have an impact on RFID.

5. The frequency bands of different countries are different, and there are still problems in consistency.

In general, RFID technology still outweighs the disadvantages

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