Milk powder industry RFID security and logistics traceability solutions 2017-09-26
RFID anti-counterfeiting and logistics traceability system through a reasonable combination of technology applications to give a single product ID card, so that consumers can every product from the source to the sales of all aspects of tracking to facilitate the consumer to understand the details of the milk powder, Product quality more at ease, improve consumer product safety.
System advantages One, batch read and write data, a substantial increase in the efficiency of enterprise logistics operations.
Second, a reasonable bar code label carrier technology integration, significantly reduce the cost of packaging enterprises.
Third, non-contact read data, to achieve intelligent storage management, a significant reduction in storage management costs.
System topology
Milk powder industry RFID security and logistics traceability solutions

According to RFID tags to read and write speed, combined with the advantages of ordinary digital printing labels low cost, the proposed RFID technology based on anti-counterfeiting and logistics traceability solutions. With RFID tags instead of the traditional one-dimensional bar code labels, and single-product labels also use the traditional digital printing labels. That is, in the packaging workshop using one-dimensional bar code scanning, and RFID boxes to establish the relationship between the bar code. At the same time delivery scan without a single bar code label scan, the use of RFID reader to complete the batch bar code data fast read and write, you can instantly complete the association with the logistics information. Enterprises can use the CCN platform for the associated data for logistics retrospective query.

Plan overall planning
1. RFID tag selection and initialization of the enterprise bar code processing RFID tags, in the label EPC code to write box bar code information, while giving corporate information, that is, the label is designated as enterprise-specific, complete the box bar code RFID tag information initialization.
2. Packaging scan through the production line to complete the automatic labeling, automatic scanning single product one-dimensional bar code label, after the completion of scanning a fixed number of single product, the system-driven RFID box bar code printer to print out the corresponding one-dimensional box bar code, while using the printer to read Write function, the information is also written to the RFID tag. Finally upload the data to the system data center.
3. Delivery scan in the enterprise delivery link, through the RFID reader (antenna door) can be achieved batch box bar code read, read the information at the same time can be associated with shipping logistics information. Finally upload the associated data to the system data center.
4. Product out of the library RFID data read When the product through the antenna door, the system can accurately read the RFID tag information, the number of libraries can be automatically counted, greatly improving the efficiency of management. The system can also complete the check on the number of orders and product categories, if the error, the system and intelligent gate will automatically alarm and prompt.
Fault-tolerant program: As the reader's reading range of blind spots, there are different reading points there are redundant data, readers interfere with each other and other issues, the label may have a batch read the success rate of the problem, through a reasonable optimization of hardware configuration, improve software design To solve.
5. Anti-counterfeiting and retroactive query application
1, support SMS, website, phone and cell phone camera two-dimensional code to check the authenticity of the product;
2, support SMS, website, mobile phone two-dimensional code of the way to carry out the logistics traceability;
3, support through hand-held RFID reader or small fixed reader to read the box label information for logistics traceability;

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