RFID technology helps the management of the medical industry 2017-09-29
Does the medical industry need RFID technology? The answer is yes. We all life can not be separated from the medical industry, sick will go to the hospital to see a doctor, you need to take medicine, or even hospital surgery. But for us, how to ensure that we eat is not fake drugs, expired drugs? How to let the doctor understand your basic situation, so as to give you timely and correct treatment? How to ensure that nurses give you what you need, proper care?
Application of RFID in neonatal ward
The use of RFID patient identification in the neonatal ward is due to the characteristics of newborn babies are often similar and difficult to distinguish, and its own understanding and lack of ability to express, if not effectively identified often lead to misidentification and was replaced, to the family Pain, to the hospital to bring the loss of reputation. For the newborn's RFID logo to use the mother-child association logo, that is, newborn babies and their mothers both sides of the association logo, with the same coding and other means to link the mother and child. In this way, to ensure that the baby wrist strap identification information and mother identification information match, effectively prevent the birth of the baby is almost the same.
In a number of important entrances and exits fixed RFID reader, each time nurses and babies need to pass, by reading the nurse's RFID identification card and baby's RFID mother and child identification zone, identity confirmed before they can pass, Otherwise the system will issue an alarm to prevent the baby from being stolen. During the hospital, the mother and child must wear the logo. Neonatal logo belt must also be able to waterproof, anti-alcohol wipe, even when the baby can also be identified when taking a bath. In addition, the identification tape can be reused, if the mother and child discharged, this identification with recycling, information destruction, re-use, the data written again, while in the course of the use, if someone deliberately open the identification zone, the system will immediately alarm.
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The Application of RFID Technology in Blood Management
The general process of blood management business is: blood donation check a blood test a blood test a blood collection of a library in the library management (composition treatment, etc.) a blood out of a hospital for patients to use (or made of other blood products). In this process, often involves a lot of data information, including blood donors information, blood type, blood collection time, place, handle and so on. A lot of information to the management of the blood has brought some difficulties, coupled with the blood is a very easy to degenerate material, if the environmental conditions are not appropriate, the quality of the blood is destroyed, so the blood in the storage and transportation, quality Real-time monitoring is also critical. RFID and sensing technology is to solve the above problems, the effective management of blood emerging technologies.
RFID technology can provide each bag of blood for their own unique identity, and for the corresponding information, the information and the background database interconnection, so the blood, whether in blood collection, or in the transfer of blood bank, or in the use of the hospital , Can be fully monitored by the RFID system, the blood in the transfer point of information can be tracked at any time out. The past, the blood into the library time-consuming, laborious, before the need to manually check the information, the use of RFID technology, the data can be collected in real time, transfer, check and update, speed up the blood out of storage identification, but also to avoid the Artificially check for errors. The RFID non-contact recognition feature also ensures that the blood is not contaminated under the conditions of identification and detection, reducing the possibility of contamination of the blood, it is not afraid of dust, stains, low temperature, etc., can save the blood of the special Environmental conditions to maintain normal work.
The hospital will use RFID technology in blood management. Each bag of blood is equipped with an RFID chip, the chip contains a unique identifier associated with the security database information. Health care workers can use hand-held reader to verify the blood bag information.

Medical waste management
Medical waste and garbage, compared with a large number of bacteria and viruses, medical waste free treatment will not only bring serious pollution to the environment, but also a great threat to human health. Japan is a pioneer in the use of RFID technology in the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen medical waste and waste regulation. In 2004, Japan's waste management company Kureha environmental engineering company to carry out RFID tracking medical waste management test. After field verification, RFID tag medical waste tracking process effectively played a role in helping the hospital and transport companies to clear the responsibility to facilitate the relevant departments retrospective supervision.
China's Taiwan region will also use RFID technology in the field of medical waste management, the Executive Yuan Environmental Protection Agency and Taipei Zhongxing Hospital and Renai Hospital jointly developed RFID medical waste management program, the use of network reporting supervision, RFID technology and vehicle clearance GPS vehicle combination, Three-pronged approach to the treatment of medical waste, to achieve the control of medical waste clean up efficiency, protection of the surrounding environment, prevention and treatment of medical waste pollution purposes. RFID technology helps the management of the medical industry
Medical equipment tracking and positioning
In the hospital, with a variety of large and small medical equipment, one-time and valuable testing equipment. Sometimes these devices need to be moved and sometimes maliciously stolen. The result is often some equipment I do not know the end, or immediately need to use the time can not find them in time.
Can be in these need to manage the device placed on the chip with electronic tags, through the RFID technology for monitoring and management. Through RFID technology, you can keep abreast of the location of these devices in order to need to find them in time. Combined with the alarm device, but also to solve the equipment theft occurred.
RFID technology helps the management of the medical industry
Drugs, medical supplies supply chain management
According to the World Health Organization's report, every year around the world because of fake drugs, expired drugs lead to death, more than 100,000 cases. According to incomplete statistics, the current counterfeit and shoddy drugs in the global pharmaceutical market accounted for 10% of the share, resulting in a huge economic losses.
In the drug and related items on the EPC electronic label, the use of RFID technology can be achieved from the pharmaceutical factory to the seller, as well as to the end user's entire monitoring. For pharmaceutical companies, RFID technology can help them keep abreast of their drugs in those places; for patients, RFID technology can help them to keep abreast of the hands of drugs when the production, which production, as well as the validity period information.
RFID technology helps the management of the medical industry
And RFID in the retail, logistics, industrial applications compared to the application of the medical industry is still in its infancy, RFID can break out in this area, but also the need for government support, business participation, industry association guidance, technological innovation, terminal The user's understanding. The strong cooperation between the main body in order to build RFID medical application industry prosperity and development.

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