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Just 10 years ago, wearable medical devices were still conceptual products, but nowadays, wearable medical device products have entered thousands of households. At present, wearable medical device products on the market have developed into an intelligent, digital high-tech product, which represents a new direction of the development of the medical device industry.

The world's first developed wearable medical device product is a smart watch that measures important life indices such as heart rate (pulse), blood pressure, respiration rate and body temperature. It also has the functions of step counting and calculating running distance. The product was welcomed by consumers as soon as it went on the market, stimulating the enthusiasm of more manufacturers to develop new wearable medical device products.

Since then, foreign manufacturers have successively launched a series of wearable medical device products, including: an electronic wristband with remote alarm function to track the whereabouts of children (or elderly people with mental disabilities) and prevent loss (including a pocket GPS locator installed) The old-aged old man falls to the alarm bracelet, can automatically record the heart rate of heart disease patients with a wearable ECG vest, can automatically record body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate of the smart bra. All of the above are life index monitoring wearable medical devices.

In recent years, foreign manufacturers have developed a variety of therapeutic wearable medical devices, such as: automatic generation of far infrared (thermal therapy) treatment of low back pain belt, full invisible hearing aid (can be directly installed in the ear canal of the deaf and no wires Exposed), a "defibrillation vest" that can automatically eliminate atrial fibrillation, a new type of treatment socks that can relieve leg pain and can be worn on the lower leg against lower extremity venous thrombosis. More advanced wearable medical devices include a new type of implantable electronic cochlea that can help the lower extremity to stand up and walk, a new generation of implantable electronic cochlea that can hear the sound of the deaf, and shorts that can control urinary incontinence. Urinary signal).

In short, the sheer number of wearable medical devices is dazzling. The industry believes that with the launch of more therapeutic wearable medical devices, patients with common diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, urinary tract disease and hypertension can use these new products to monitor or self-treat at home. Eliminate the hassle of frequent commutes to and from the hospital.

It is worth noting that with the rapid development of intelligent technology, wearable medical devices will be “tailor-made”. This idea has been realized abroad. According to the latest foreign reports, the newly developed smart watch can automatically measure the sweating situation of the human body as well as blood pressure, pulse, mood fluctuations, etc., and can also monitor the environmental factors such as temperature and humidity that may affect the patient's condition. Such wearable medical devices can be programmed for the patient in advance, and once the patient's life index is detected to be abnormal, the attending physician will be notified to take the treatment measures through the software installed on the smartphone.

According to the "World Wearable Medical Device Market Trends" released by Datamonitor Consulting recently, the global market for wearable medical devices in 2016 was $2 billion, compared to $2.394 billion in 2017, and is expected to exceed 2018. $3 billion. According to the report, the world's top five wearable medical device manufacturers in 2017 and their share in the world market are as follows: 1. ForBit (USA), accounting for 37%; 2. Xiaomi (China), accounting for 23%; 3. GAMIN (Taiwan, China), accounting for 5.6%; Samsung (Korea), accounting for 5.4%; Jawbone (United States), accounting for 5%.

It is worth mentioning that China's wearable medical device manufacturers represented by Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. are not lagging behind foreign companies. China's smart medical device companies have entered the international market and occupied a considerable market share. This indicates that the level of research and development of new technologies and new products of medical device companies in China is rapidly increasing.

In summary, the wearable medical device industry is in the ascendant. According to foreign media forecasts, by 2023, the global wearable medical device market will have a total sales volume of more than 6 billion US dollars, and the industry is full of vitality and hope.

NFC, Near Field Communication, tags are small integrated circuits designed to store information that can be retrieved by NFC-enabled devices like the smartphones and tablets. ... These small stickers of wireless technology also allow data transfer between two NFC enabled devices. Widely used in our life,like Access control,Small payment,Electronic Business Card,VIP membership, Canteen recharge ,enterprise customized and Attendance system so on. 

Our company can offer such NFC fitness bracelets with mult-functions.Wearing this smartwatch in any time. throught the App control, display, record the data. the data will sync to the app and clound sevice.This smartwatch can monitor our body health value. this can find and detect our health data, display risk status and evaluation results." 
Other Functions:"Multi motion mode, weather forecast, full font, HD 0.96 color screen, dynamic 3D interface UI, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring,  Step、Calories、Distance、sleep monitor 、sport、Call reminder 、Alarm Reminder 、Raise you hand the watch lightr、Social share(wechat、QQ、Facebook、Twitter,shake hand to take phonto" 

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