Nylon Fabic RFID Laundry tag,RFID Textile Laundry Tag 2017-08-10
The water-dispensed electronic label is made of nylon fabric, built-in RFID chip, for high temperature, acid and alkali washing, light clothing and other industrial / commercial washing environment and tailored. It is an ultra-thin, durable wash label. Performance catch up with foreign similar products. In addition, I also produce all kinds of water rfid electronic tags: ultra-high frequency RFID PPS laundry labels, silicone washing labels, buttons washed electronic tags, product performance is stable and reliable, large price gifted, please call us! product description
Material: Silk Fabrics
Specifications: 60 * 22 * 1mm
Weight: 1g
Color: gray or custom other colors
Packaging technology: winding, sewing package
Appearance Craft: Printing
Packing: 1000 pieces / box
Product features: · Operating frequency: 860 ~ 960MHZ ·
Standard agreement: ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen 2
Reading distance: 3-5 m (8Dbi fixed reader), reading distance for further, can be customized
Built-in chip: Alien H3 
Number of times used: more than 200 times
Operating temperature: -20 ~ +200 degrees (15 seconds)
Number of times of use: can be recycled
In addition, I also provide various types of RFID tags: RFID tags (RFID tags, RFID tags), RFID tags (RFID low-frequency wristbands, RFID tags), RFID tags RFID tag, RFID UHF wristband, RFID dual-band wristband tag, RFID tamper wrist band, active wrist strap), RFID animal tag (RFID pet tag, RFID UHF denim, RFID pig RFID tags,  RFID cable labels, NFC electronic tags, low frequency / high frequency access keychain cards, etc. In the logistics, clothing, manufacturing, medical, animal, assets, tickets and other fields.

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