This Smart bracelet = RFID card + sports bracelet 2017-10-12
Meihe company launched a combination of public card and sports bracelet function of the public card bracelet.
This bracelet consists of a peanut size of the watch core and wristbands, charging the watch core out, charging 2 hours will be able to use about 10 days, and have a certain waterproof function, the general wash your hands without taking off.
In addition to bus, subway, it can also open a public bike rental and a new meter, parking lot parking and other functions, and even part of the support for flash memory of the CUP POS machine consumption. Use, as long as the corresponding sensor area can be placed.
In addition, this bracelet combines the functions of the smart bracelet. Download the specified APP, whether Apple or Android phone, as long as the open Bluetooth function, you can bind it with the phone, record the number of steps, walking distance and calorie consumption and other real-time data, but also call reminders - the phone on Bag, once there is a call or message, bracelet will shock reminders.

This bracelet has been through the public card outlets, Taobao official shop and micro-shop sales, the amount of the ring can follow up recharge. However, as with traditional citizens, their electronic cash accounts follow the relevant provisions of the state financial report.

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