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In recent years, with the maturity of RFID technology, its application range has become more and more extensive and has had far-reaching effects. The most widely used applications include supply chain management, security, and tracking of important things and people.

1 Supply Chain Management

In supply chain management, RFID tags can be used to track the flow of items throughout the supply chain, tracking all logistics processes from supplier to retailer. It is also possible to carry out after-sales tracking of the items. From the time the customer pays, the central database records the flow process, and the manufacturer and the retailer can query the flow afterwards to effectively perform positioning, delivery confirmation and theft prevention.

Another application of RFID in the supply chain is to ensure the legitimacy of the supply chain. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hopes to ensure the legitimacy of prescription drugs through RFID tags. In this system, each drug flow carries a read-only RFID tag with a unique serial number. Suppliers can track their progress during the circulation process, and at the same time, when the customer purchases a confirmation, they can accurately determine whether the drug is from a legitimate supplier and whether it is sold by a legitimate retailer. Although the FDA believes it is difficult to implement the system in such a large and complex prescription drug supply chain, the FDA will continue to invest and plans to initially implement the system in 2008.

RFID technology can also assist in automating supply chain management. If the goods in the retail store and the associated warehouse have RFID tags, the retail store can know through the database that they own the goods. When the retail store picks up the goods through the warehouse system, once the goods are insufficiently stored at the extraction point, the warehouse management system can automatically retrieve the required goods from the warehouse through the relevant information of the goods RFID. The system has been implemented in the world's retail giant Wal-Mart.

2 Security and identification

RFID can also be widely used for security and personal identification. The RFID tag is usually integrated into the ID card for identification of the access control system. Many large companies install RFID readers at the entrance to the company's building, and they can be automatically identified as soon as they pass. In terms of identification, RFID cards have a tendency to replace ordinary magnetic stripe ID cards. Ordinary magnetic strip ID cards are very easy to wear and the information is easily lost under the influence of the outside world, while the RFID card is more durable and can store more useful information.

In addition, RFID is also widely used in terms of payment. Identification can be achieved quickly by installing an RFID reader/writer device in a card or other payment device. Some payment cards implement payment functions directly through RFID tags, such as the City Smart Travel Card in Washington, DC, USA.

RFID can also be attached to the key, especially for car theft. Because the reader only recognizes the key with the correct RFID tag, even if the car is opened with another key, the RFID system can cut off the power and make the car unable to start because the tag information does not match, thus effectively preventing the car from being stolen by stealing the key. The situation arises.

3 Mobile Tracking

Moving objects can easily carry RFID tags, and the information in the RFID tags carried on a moving object can be used to track objects. Currently, some hospitals in the United States have applied RFID tags to the care of newborn babies. The RFID tag can effectively confirm the identity of the newborn and prevent the baby from mistaking. In addition, the label can be used to monitor the whereabouts of the baby in the hospital. Once the baby is found to leave the monitoring effective area, the system will alarm to prevent strangers from taking the child without permission. Hospitals can also use tags to track the movement of medical devices and instruments for effective management. Libraries can also use tags to effectively manage large numbers of books and classify them.

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