PVC card design guide 2019-02-18
 01. Code: It can be used for flat code, inkjet code, small convex code, large convex code, etc. The size of the convex code can be bronzing or hot silver. Note that the convex code can not be vertically arranged, the non-standard card can not be used to punch the convex code, matt card
 (Mill card) can only be sprayed code, can not play flat code, can not play bar code.
 02. If you need silk screen gold or silk screen silver, please specify. If there is no special explanation, the company can only print directly according to the design color.
 03. Card thickness: If there is no special explanation, the company will print the standard thickness (0.76mm).
 04. Because every print has a certain color difference. If there is a sample card, it will be based on the sample card. It should be as close as possible to the color of the sample card when printing, but it is impossible to reach 100%. in case  
 The customer has very strict color requirements, and the number of cards is relatively large. In the case of the delivery time, the coated paper should be printed first to confirm the printing effect. A small amount (less than 10,000 sheets)
 It is imprinted, and the color difference is considered normal within 10%.
 05. The final color effect of the card is different from the color effect seen on the computer monitor, even if the same design manuscript is effective on different monitors.
 It will vary (for example, on a liquid crystal display (LCD) and on a normal display (CRT)}.
 06. The thickness of the line should not be lower than 0.076, otherwise the printed lines will not be clear.
 07. The distance from the convex code to the edge of the card should be a minimum of 4-5mm; the distance from the magnetic strip to the edge is 4mm, and the width of the magnetic strip is 12mm.
 08. Small convex code each character size is 3mm, large convex code each character size is 4mm.
 09. Please turn the text, symbols and patterns into curves.
 10. Since the card printing carrier is different, there will be a certain color difference between the printed product and the color code displayed or printed by the computer. Printing is done according to CMYK color book
 Color, computer screen color and printer print color cannot be used as the printed color.
 11. Do not set the shading or basemap color below 8% to avoid rendering when the finished product is printed.
 12. Non-standard cards need to be opened separately, the construction period is longer and the mold fee is required. Non-standard cards can't be flat coded, can't be bar code, can't make convex code, can only be coded.
 13. The convex code cannot be vertical (ie, the convex code cannot be parallel to the short side of the card and can only be parallel to the long side).
 14. Matte (matte), laser, transparent material, and packaging bags are subject to additional charges. Special instructions should be given when ordering.
 15. The design size of the PVC card is 88.5mm × 57 mm (including bleeding position), and the finished product size is 85.5mm × 54 mm.
 16. The format of the file is CORLDRAW 9.0 or PHOTOSHOP.

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