RFID item search system 2019-09-06
RFID is suitable for large warehouses, transshipment warehouses, mold warehouses, etc. Logistics professionals, such as courier companies, when they put items into the warehouse, when they need to look back at this item, they often have problems that cannot be found, so that they need a lot of manpower to clean up the list of items. Performing manual search operations ruined human capital and reduced operational efficiency, and even failed to find greater losses.

The system consists of three parts: system monitoring center, RFID electronic tags, and search devices.
1. The system monitoring center is a computer server and system application, which serves as the electronic tag information and the area where the tag is received in real time.

2. The RFID electronic tag has only the ID identification function, and according to the equipment, punctually sends its own ID and power and other related information, and the electronic tag ID is entered into the system and bound with the item before use;

3. The search device can use the B wireless receiver or perhaps the RFID handheld terminal.

System features

1. punctually send information, time distance and other parameters can be wirelessly equipped

2. When accepting the search command, the label has the function of sound and light.

3. The software supports single search and batch search

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