RFID technology to help warehouse location management 2017-12-04
In the modern logistics system, warehousing often plays the role of balance, regulation and buffering, and is also the central part of logistics. In the design concept of modern warehouses, the efficiency of entering and leaving warehouses will be directly marketed to the warehouse for economic efficiency. Tianjin Bee believes that through RFID technology can achieve a scientific and effective warehouse location management, storage management to achieve the information and timeliness.
In the warehouse location management system, using RFID positioning system to manage the position, including the query on the map cargo location, distribution, cargo utilization and other graphic analysis.
Due to the superior function of RFID technology, it can realize the advantages of non-contact, repeated use, fast scanning, large data capacity and so on. At present, more and more applications are being applied to warehouse location management. Based on informationization and digitization, Improve the efficiency of warehouse management and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Warehouse location management with RFID technology

RFID technology to help warehouse location management
Warehouse location management design ideas:
1. Set up warehouse location management wireless network, covering the entire warehouse, while installing a fixed data terminal on the forklift, you can achieve real-time transmission of all job data. Wireless data terminal through the development can be confirmed to confirm the location of goods to verify the accuracy of the situation, return to live and other functions, but also be able to accept operating instructions.
2. Paste RFID tags in the goods, the label records the location of the goods and store the type of information, when the warehouse operation, the staff read the electronic label information, you can determine the current position is the designated goods Bit, at the same time can record the operation process, accurate warehouse location management.
3. Through the RFID technology warehouse location management, each shelf accurate records of the type and quantity of goods by installing the RFID reader on the automatic guided vehicle, wireless communications equipment, managers can set the guide car on a regular basis Of the inventory of goods in the warehouse, and inventory results transmitted to the system management center.
4. When the goods need to warehousing, to paste each electronic tag electronic goods, the general can paste the entire tray tray, or embedded in the tray to achieve re-use. When the goods into the cargo space when the label can read the information and information with the location of comparison to determine the operation is correct.

RFID technology to help warehouse location management

Warehouse location management system architecture:
1. In the first layer is the acquisition layer, mainly through the RFID device to automatically collect data identification, including location tags, location tags, wireless data terminals, automatic guided vehicles.
2. In the second layer is the data transmission layer, through the wireless communication technology, the collected data is passed to the central database, which contains the relevant network equipment.
3. At the third level is management, through the management of the collected data, including warehouse location management software, web server and database server.
The use of RFID technology warehouse location management, can achieve the arrival of the warehouse arrival inspection, storage, delivery, transfer, shift library shift, inventory and other operations of the data link for automated data acquisition to ensure that all aspects of warehouse management Data input speed and accuracy to ensure that enterprises timely and accurate grasp of the true inventory data, reasonable maintenance and control of enterprise inventory, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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