Intelligent Building RFID Card Solution 2017-11-29
Modern intelligent building as a huge flow of people and vehicles, frequent access, staff complex and volatile places, management difficulties and prone to security risks; the control technology in close combination with modern intelligent building management requirements, the introduction of a combination of visitors, access , Elevator, access control, time and attendance, patrol, parking and other systems of the card management programs, orderly management of access to buildings and vehicles to effectively prevent the random access of outside personnel vehicles, illegal entry, etc., for the intelligent building to provide strong security Strong protection.

Background and challenge
With the rapid economic development in our country, the process of urbanization is accelerating and urban land is becoming more and more scarce. Modern intelligent buildings are developing in a more integrated and integrated way, and buildings are gradually developing towards higher levels. As a commercial office building, intelligent buildings are not usually A company can take on its own, but many companies co-lease, unified management by the property company. The main existence of the following status quo:
☆ The daily flow of personnel and vehicles in such buildings is huge, the personnel status is complicated and changeable, the management methods are single and the reaction speed is slow. The traditional manual management mode suffers from serious drawbacks when dealing with a large number of internal and external personnel and frequent vehicle management And security risks.
☆ The complex identity of persons in and out of the building can not identify the identity information of the personnel effectively and effectively in the traditional management, and can not accurately record the detailed entry and exit records of personnel. There is no valid data for reference when safety problems occur.
☆ There are a large number of enterprises in the building. In addition, the contact among industries is becoming increasingly frequent. There are a large number of visitors. The traditional manual registration means that security personnel can not verify the authenticity of visitor documents and registration information. The manual filling of visitors takes time and is illegible. , And difficult to save for a long time; once the security problems are difficult to valid evidence.
☆ Every day, there are many foreign vehicles inside and outside the modern buildings. The traditional manual management methods can not identify each vehicle and relevant information in detail, and can not effectively manage the vehicles. Vehicles can freely enter and leave the building and the vehicles are easily stolen.
☆ lack of personnel control equipment, both inside the building staff or visitors, are free to enter the building, giving lawless elements an opportunity to bring great security risks.
In order to solve the current situation of personnel in smart building going out frequently and disorderly in management, the program takes the self-developed security management platform of Zhongkong as the carrier, front access to visitors, access, ladder control, access control, parking, patrol, attendance and other systems Equipment, to achieve card applications, backend through a unified database for data storage.
The main part of the system uses TCP / IP network structure to ensure high-speed data transmission, so that the subsystems of the whole package are in close contact with each other. Resource sharing and information exchange are achieved under the unified coordination of the integrated management platform, and the system Unified configuration, unified monitoring, so as to achieve the management of convenient, intuitive data purposes.

System functions
1 certificate registration, electronic entry
System supports second-generation ID card reading technology and a generation of ID card, residence permit, driver's license, passport and other documents scanning function, can quickly identify documents, automatically enter relevant information, convenient and quick.
2-channel control, access control
In the lobby building public passageway gates, both internal staff or visitors must pass the authority certification before the gate, and after entering the elevator can only reach the corresponding floor according to the card authority and access to the corresponding floor access control, To prevent outsiders from entering and leaving the building at random, strictly controlling the staff's activity area.
3 access records, data preservation
All the staff in and out of the hall gates, elevators, access control, the system has a detailed entry and exit records, while visitors, access and save real-time images, in the event of security issues, the first time to confirm the relevant information.
4 fire linkage, to ensure safety
The system has the function of fire linkage. When a fire alarm occurs, it can control all the access control, ladder control and channel in an open state simultaneously when the alarm signal is issued, which facilitates the rapid evacuation and escape of personnel and the protection of the life of the staff.
5 charge management, self-setting
The system has long-term card / monthly card / temporary card / management card and other parking fees or non-charge management, charges set by the user, the computer automatically accounts.
6 image recognition, out of contrast
Vehicles admission through the camera intake vehicle appearance, color, license plate number and other images; appearance will exit the image and the entrance image comparison, to ensure vehicle safety.
7 electronic patrol, enhanced patrol
In the perimeter, video monitoring system dead ends, underground garages, important buildings, the main channel at patrol points, according to the security precautions patrol routes, security personnel according to the provisions of the time and route for routine inspections, managers through the system software Achieve the security personnel work view and orderly management, to ensure routine patrol work, improve building security capabilities.
Attendance information
The system enables the attendance of internal personnel in the property to be automated and informatized. The staff can accurately judge and record the relevant information of employees on and off work, ensure the accuracy, fairness and safety of attendance data, reduce the work load of attendance personnel and avoid the interference and fraud of human factors .

User value
Visitor registration
As a commercial office building, the intelligent building has a large number of visitors, a large number of visitors, different identities and various causes. It is an important issue and the most direct problem of how to quickly, accurately and accurately register visitors in the intelligent building management. This system uses visitors 'machineries to register visitors' personal information, read second-generation card, passport and driver's license and can take photos on site to verify the authenticity of visitor's documents and registration information, eliminate the time-consuming manual filling, illegible writing, hard-to-read Save the shortcomings of time and avoid problems, the responsibility of the property and the interviewed enterprise is unclear, shirk each other.
Personnel access management
The daily arrival and departure of many buildings, complex identity, effectively distinguish between internal staff and non-resident personnel, to eliminate the security risks caused by the entry of illegal personnel and the impact of sales staff, a comprehensive management of the building a key component of the system through the channel system, ladder Control system and access control system as a digital or biometric identity, to maximize the legal access control.
Vehicle access control
With the rapid increase of the number of vehicles in the city today, parking spaces in the cities can not meet the demand far enough. As a result, the number of stolen goods in the urban areas is very high. In addition, vehicle theft frequently occurs. In order to avoid similar occurrences, Personnel access to the vehicle, so strict and strict, with traceable, taking into account the building property department parking fee system, optimizing vehicle access management program; the system provides a variety of vehicle management options for users to choose, the basic traditional system based on RFID short-range / long-distance owners card, temporary card recognition, high-end advanced system based on image recognition of vehicle management equipment management.

Intelligent attendance
Attendance as a basic management of the company is the basic unit management of staff; the staff attendance if still using traditional manual input will be a complicated work, there is a waste of manpower, inefficiency, attendance results reflect the slow, Attendance in fraud, attendance data inaccurate, complex and burdensome statistical work and other shortcomings, it is difficult to meet the modern company's standardized management requirements; The system through the time and attendance equipment to the property department personnel attendance information management, personnel attendance data acquisition , Data statistics and information inquiry process automation, improve the personnel management modernization.
Patrol management
On the basis of technology and defense supplemented by the necessary air defense, strengthen people's awareness of safety precautions. For buildings, it is mainly for the management of security personnel to carry out patrol work in order to give full play to the role of technical defense system. The system sets patrol points and arranges reasonable patrol routes so that security personnel can conduct daily routine according to the specified time and route Inspections and systematic software to the security personnel work view and orderly management, improve patrol staff's sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, promptly eliminate hidden dangers, take preventive measures.

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