wood magnetic card, wood fragrance card, wood smart card, wood brand card 2017-08-24
The utility model discloses a wood card and belongs to the technical field of card making. The technical point comprises the main body, wherein the body is composed of a wood base layer, a wood surface layer branded with a pattern and / or a text, and a wood surface Layer and wood between the base layer bonding. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and good anti-breaking performance, and is suitable for making all kinds of postcards, business cards and the like.
Wooden card can be divided into wood magnetic card, wood fragrance card, wood smart card, wood brand card, and so the size of different. Thickness varies.
After the Copenhagen World Climate Conference was held in Denmark, many local hotels began using wooden cards.
     Recently, the United States Sustainable Apartments LLC company also began to use wooden card printing machine to replace the wooden card plastic card, the thickness of such wooden card 1.2mm.

     The United States in the past each year to abandon more than 500 million tons of PVC, the emergence of wooden cards to change from the material to the technical innovation are in line with environmental needs

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