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Application of RFID Electronic Tag on Smart Bottle Packaging 2018-11-28

Nowadays, people's lives are becoming more and more intelligent. For example, smart phones, smart homes, smart wear, etc., almost spread to all aspects of life, and now there are smart packaging, most of which are most intelligent packaging. The rfid electronic tag is used.

Some time ago, a US company, Provenance, designed a smart packaging of red wine with the core of rfid electronic technology. The main production process is this: first put the semi-active rfid tag in the wine box, can track and identify the bottle in real time, can record like temperature, can know the actual situation of the wine and the information about the logistics distribution in real time. , reducing the cost of manpower and material resources. Secondly, the rfid electronic label (encryptable label) is attached to the bottom of the bottle to more efficiently manage and count each bottle of wine, which ensures the safety of the bottle. Finally, a built-in recessive password collar (RFID technology) was installed on the bottle to identify the fake red wine, which enhanced the safety of the wine and increased the visibility of the wine company.

According to the description, the smart packaging of the red wine is guaranteed by the triple RFID electronic label, especially the two layers with the encrypted label, which maximizes the management efficiency and safety of the red wine, and also ensures the authenticity of the authenticity. It is a perfect package.

In China, the use of radio frequency identification technology to pack wine, such as Wuliangye, has placed an RFID anti-counterfeit tag on the bottle cap. The label records information about the bottle, such as the date of manufacture, the name of the wine, Alcohol, logistics code, specifications, production lines and other information, people get the wine can go to Wuliangye's anti-counterfeiting machine to go for free.

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