Plastic RFID Smart Cards
China Meihe Factory Wholesale Rfid Nfc Plastic Clamshell Card 2019-06-11
Card Introduction:
Proximity Clamshell card, mainly using 4100, 4102 series IC chip coils of Swiss EM or Taiwan GK company
The card base is packaged.
Rfid Thick card type: TK4100 thick card: thickness 1.8mm, standard card size, is the most economical RF IC card, with ID number, with a portable hole, can be screen printed LOGO text information; TK4100 card standard Thin card: thickness 0.8mm, standard card size, can be offset, screen printing, print photos.

Application range:
Compared with the contact type IC card, the non-contact type ID card does not need to be inserted or removed, which avoids various faults caused by poor mechanical contact, and thus has the advantages of convenient operation, quickness, reliability, long life, and the like, and the LF Clamshell card is mainly applicable. In the areas of identification and addressing control, such as access control, security, attendance, etc., it can also be extended to tickets, discount cards, etc. in public places such as exhibitions, parks, hotels, restaurants, etc.

And in the production process, postal parcels, aviation rail transport, product packaging, transportation and other departments of logistics, electronic labels, anti-counterfeiting signs, one-time tickets and many other fields. Although the contactless clamshell card is only a read-only card, it can be applied to a certain range, such as the canteen dining charge management, by using the background computer control management. For specific applications, the cardholder's personal data can be sent to the background computer, the database is established and the application software is configured. When used, the card number is transmitted to the background computer through the card reader, and the cardholder's individual is retrieved from the database. The data is then manipulated according to the specific application, so the scope of application is extremely broad.

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