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RFID Anti-theft Blocking Card -Protector for Rfid Wallet 2019-09-11

In response to the crimes of criminals using RFID to steal bank card and bus card user information, RFID anti-theft wallets and RFID anti-theft card sets have appeared on the market. The former is not stylish and beautiful, while the latter has one card and more cards. Not only will it increase the thickness of the wallet, but it has to be said that it is a bit of a hassle to use it again. However, if you put a special card of the bank card size in your wallet, you can protect all the cards in your wallet. Is it convenient and practical?

Recently, for the high-frequency (13.56MHz) smart card information anti-theft, the first high-frequency anti-theft shielding card was introduced in China, which is specially used to protect the data security of high-frequency smart cards such as chip bank card, second-generation ID card, city card and bus card. In appearance, the size of the shielded card is the same as that of a normal bank card. When you put a smart card such as a bank card or ID card with this shielded card, your smart card wireless signal will be effectively blocked, regardless of the illegal elements. No matter what device you use, you can't steal your card information, ensuring safe carrying and preventing information leakage.

Shield Card

1.Blocking  card

Generally, the shield card is mainly used on the wallet.

2 Blocking  card function

In recent years, with the development of NFC technology, bank cards accidentally touched the mobile phone, and will jump out of the recent consumption record details. The shield card can add a lock to your wallet, and the bank card information in the wallet is not leaked. Easy to use, insert it in your wallet with your credit card

3 Blocking card features

This product is designed and produced by RFID integrated circuit chip

Feel free to use in various shapes of wallets and bags, is the protection of the wallet and luggage.

Ultra-thin design, can be inserted into the wallet like a credit card with RFID passive design, no need to replace the battery

4 Blocking  card instructions

1. The shield card without LED light is directly inserted into the wallet, and the wireless signal of the credit card bank card will be effectively shielded. No matter what equipment is used by the criminals, it is impossible to steal your card information to ensure safe carrying and prevent information leakage.

2. The shield card with built-in LED light adds a reminder function compared to the shield card without LED light. When the illegal element carries a special stealing signal device close to you, the shielded card LED will shine and play a role.

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