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Rfid NFC Fitness Tracker Sport Watch 2019-09-16

RFID Smart watches are information-processing capabilities that meet the watch's basic technical requirements.In addition to the indication time, the smart watch should also have one or more functions of reminding, navigating, calibrating, monitoring, interacting and the like; the display modes include pointers, numbers, images and the like. The new smart watch also has RFID capabilities, can replace public transport subway cards, access control cards, membership cards, casinos and other consumer cards.

A rugged, water-resistant rfid wristwatch that includes features such as an alarm, stopwatch, compass, heart rate monitor, tachymeter (rotating bezel for calculating speed), thermometer and tide indicator (for divers). For decades, analog and digital sports watches have been available; however, they have evolved into computer-based smartwatches that offer similar features along with apps that log the wearer's activities and offer personal health-related information.

combined chips rfid sport watch

Meihe factory can make kinds of rfid nfc fitness tracker sport watch,our watch has more functions ,such as not only can be your healthy tracker ,but also can be used as the metro token card ,ticket or membership card,very intelligent.

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