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The Making way of Jewellery RFID Tag 2019-10-14

Jewelry rfid tags are usually laid on the tray or suspended from the jewelry. For the whole RFID system, the reader is usually located at the bottom of the jewelry counter, hiding it, and counting the placed jewelry. The whole system must be guaranteed. Zero miss reading, low misreading needs. The distance between the jewelry trays is relatively close, the required reading distance is also close (less than 0.25m), and the counters are densely placed. Therefore, the manner of the reader antennas can be divided into two types: the first one is conventional. Circularly polarized far-field high-gain antenna, which reduces the use of gain to reduce the read distance and reduces the misreading rate; the second is the near-field antenna, which is closer to the reading distance itself, so the reading distance is increased. The demand generally depends on the gain and size of the tag. Therefore, the existing RFID tag is difficult to balance the misreading rate and read distance requirement of the two reader antennas. At the same time, for the jewelry tag, in addition to considering the reader antenna In addition to the matching, it is also necessary to consider the ease and reliability of label use.

Rfid Thermal Roll Jewelry Barcode Printable Tag

The object of the present invention is to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art and provide an RFID jewelry tag, which has the advantages of simple structure and high reliability.

The object of the present invention is achieved by the following technical solutions: an RFID jewelry label comprising a coated paper, the coated paper being provided with a first folding line, the first folding line dividing the coated paper into an antenna area and protecting a region, the antenna region and the protection region are symmetrical about a first folding line; one side of the antenna region is adjacent to the protection region, and the other side of the antenna region is provided with a strip of paper strip, the middle of the strip of paper strip Provided with a second folding line, the end of the strip of paper strip is provided with a glued area;

An antenna layer and a PET protective film are sequentially disposed above the antenna area of the copper paperboard, and the bottom of the PET protective film is evenly coated with glue, and the PET protective film adheres and fixes the antenna layer to the antenna area of the coated paper through the glue at the bottom. The upper surface; the upper surface of the protection zone is uniformly coated with glue.

The coated paper is a rectangular coated paper.

The upper surface of the rubberized zone is coated with glue.

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