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Waterproof Rfid Wristbands For Amusement Parks 2020-05-07

The waterproof RFID silicone wristband is made of 100% silicone at one time. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, good elasticity, no cracking, long service life, and no skin irritation. The material is soft in texture, elegant in design, concise, bright in color, and fashionable in style. It is loved by young friends and gradually developed into a popular jewelry. Wearing a color silicone wristband that is more popular than the avant-garde, makes you cool! Wearing it on your hand is a must-have for fashionistas.

The waterproof silicone wristband can be implanted with an RFID chip in the wristband for access control, inquiry, tracking and other fields. Because the silicone wristband has a good waterproof effect, and is a closed-loop design, it is very convenient to carry, so in many baths, swimming pools, spa clubs will use this product as a key to the customer's wardrobe, customers can wear the wristband On the wrist, play in the water.

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The color of the silicone bracelet is different, and the symbolic meaning is also different. Yao Ming once engraved his inspirational quotations on 8 kinds of color wristbands, representing his attitude towards life: blue means "chigo"-pursuing equality, tolerance and lofty ideals, making himself more meaningful to live; green Express "Don't make excuses"-eliminate differences, break barriers, and everyone has no alternative; pink means "the sky is empty"-imagination is always the driving force for the world to move forward; --Challenging yourself is more courageous than challenging others; the red promotes "Lingyun's aspirations"-people jump no matter how high, but their inner Lingyun aspirations; yellow declares "dreams are not too big"-as long as there are dreams, everything True; Purple proposes "dangerous, must be organic"-seize every opportunity, turn danger into a barren, the goal will not be far away from us; light green means "the brave has no fear"-full of confidence, no fear, this power Hidden in you and me.

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