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What Role does NFC Label Play in our Daily Life? 2018-08-27

NFC is a wireless connection technology that provides easy, secure and fast communication. Compared with RFID, NFC has the characteristics of close distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption. NFC Tag Paper Sticker is compatible with existing contactless smart card technology and is now the official standard supported by more and more major vendors. Once again, NFC is a close-range connection protocol that provides easy, secure, fast, and automatic communication between devices. Compared with other connection methods in the wireless world, NFC is a close-range private communication method, and NFC plays a huge role in the fields of access control, public transportation, and mobile payment.

●Basic parameters

Type High Frequency Passive Electronic Label

Working frequency 13.56MHz

International standard ISO14443A

●Physical parameters

Size 30x30mm, flexible size (can be customized)

Packaging material PET, PVC, coated paper, PP synthetic paper

Antenna processing method

Surface technology Printing, coding, writing data, anti-metal, etc.

●Performance parameters

Integrated chip NTAG213, NTAG216

Storage capacity related to integrated chips

Working mode

Data storage time >10 years

100,000 erasable times

Read and write distance 0-5cm (reading distance is related to working environment and reader)

●Environment parameters

Working temperature -25°C~+55°C

Storage temperature -35°C~+70°C

●Typical application

Application areas Access control, membership management, mobile payment, product management, etc.


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