Campus card solution 2019-10-12
The so-called "campus card" is in the school, where there are cash, tickets or the need to identify the identity of the smart card to complete. It brings efficiency, convenience and security to the management of the school. The card system is an important part of digital campus construction. It is one of the basic projects for information gathering in campus informationization. It has some functions of the school management decision support system. Achieve "one card in hand, travel all over the campus."

The campus card system is based on the campus network, using the inductive RF IC card as a medium to provide a system platform for identity and electronic payment services, and various information application systems based on this platform.

Programme framework

· Campus card management system is the integration of various application systems. It is the main line running through various application systems, including the basic system that can integrate these application systems. It can be summarized as: (1+l+N), which is a basic platform, a portal and N application systems:

1) A basic platform (one-card public platform) A basic platform is the foundation of the campus card, providing a series of basic services for the integration of various application systems, enabling data sharing, application access between systems, and Users provide a unified access interface and so on. It consists of the following five parts:

Application management: application management, user and role management, WEB roaming;

Data exchange: providing a unified view of information, data services, and data maintenance;

Space management: Provide users with a variety of interfaces and tools for unified virtual storage space and space management; Document management: Provide specifications, interfaces and tools for document management;

Information Release: Provides tools for template management, information management, and information dissemination.

2) A portal

A portal is a single access point for the entire digital campus. It provides users with a unified user interface. After the user enters the portal, they can get services commensurate with their identity.

3) N application systems

Solving the needs of business logic and information services is the support of campus information construction. N application systems refer to the business systems of teaching and management in schools. The business logic is complex, and the design and development of each application system can be relatively independent. The boundaries and targets of the system are set to a limited extent and can be constructed in stages as needed. The data exchange between the application systems is undertaken by the base platform and provides corresponding application access interfaces. The data sharing between the various application systems is done by the data center of the base platform.

Program function

· 1) One card system is an opportunity to establish basic and unified information standards for various management personnel/teachers/student organizations on campus, strengthen centralized information standard management, promote campus standard management and campus information construction ;

2) “One card data platform that meets the overall planning needs of campus information construction, realize the integration and sharing of relevant data information;

3) All the documents are replaced by the employee's smart IC card to realize the data sharing of identification;

4) Students (teacher card, consumption, water and electricity energy saving, on-board, book borrowing, attendance, access control, tuition collection and other functions.

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