Community Access Card System program 2017-11-28
Community Card System is based on the "RBS-Ⅱ" technology, in close connection with the integrated management of modern smart community developed from. Easily achieve the entire community access control, parking management, residential consumption, property charges, security patrols, visitor records, elevator control and fire control unified and professional management. Widely used in smart communities, high-end residential areas, industrial parks and other comprehensive requirements of relatively high occasions.
Program advantages:
1. The real card system: the same software platform, the same database, the realization of a district card: whether it is vehicle access control and parking charges; cell door, building doors, elevators and other cards; residential supermarkets, canteens, clubs, stadiums , Gymnasiums, hospitals, pharmacies and property utilities; security patrol management; visitor registration and more.
2. Modular structure, multiple workstations, according to the authority and use of sub-functional departments management.
3. No additional equipment, the use of existing door card reader as an online patrol point, cost savings.
4. Support parking off-line charges.
5. Large capacity, fast response, 100,000 cardholder response time less than 0.2 seconds.
6. Full port over current, over voltage, lightning protection, high reliability.
Basic function introduction
1, modular system structure (server + workstation)
This structure facilitates the use of dedicated function terminals in different departments and simplifies the use of departmental operations.
Such as server ui-sys for data storage and processing, maintenance station for system maintenance, patrol station for security management, elevator workstation for elevator control, visitor workstation for visitor management, parking station for parking management , Consumer workstation for charging management.
2, illegal user alarm function
Outsiders or other persons without a card (for example, those in other communities) pass an audible and visual alarm to alert the person in charge of the management of the incident and simultaneously capture the video of the passing personnel by means of a video camera to effectively prevent the entry of outsiders . The system also has anti-trailing function, can accurately identify each card in the case of a large number of people, effectively stop trailing enter.
3, credit card data synchronization display, to prevent borrowing card, pirate card.
Each brush once card, the system will automatically display the name of credit card, building room number, occupation, photos and other information, and the cardholder capture the image, the snap images and credit card information binding, effectively prevent the alternative credit card The phenomenon.
4, one card, the system can be added according to the actual needs of the parking lot, visitor management, elevator control, consumer systems and other more workstation modules, simply register personnel information can be used for all workstations, UISYS a server platform To achieve the true sense of the card.
5, parking management functions
Long-distance car in the car through the parking barrier automatically when the gate card brake, save time, quickly passed, and parking management fees with the function, support off-line charges.
6, elevator management functions
The use of ladder control system can improve the efficiency of the elevator, but also enhance the level of security in key areas, such as access to the leadership of the office floor need to be authorized before entering through the elevator.
Visitors to the system can use the intercom call host on the ground floor to call the interviewed floor personnel. After the interviewee agrees, they can call through the intercom extension, and the corresponding floor authorizes that they can reach the designated floor without Allowed people can not call and can not choose floor.
7, online patrol
All readers in the system can be set as a patrol point, custom patrol route, without additional equipment, online patrol.
8, visitor management
Temporary visitors can register and take pictures quickly, can set the card number of valid and effective time, for important occasions can be set to require more cards to open the door, or need to register the relevant documents to enter, for example, the power distribution room must be included in the registration information of electrician certificate.
9, video linkage function
The system can snap credit card personnel and snap video and credit card information through the personnel binding for easy comparison and identification of suspicious persons to avoid the ordinary DVR from the massive video data to find a small amount of abnormal video clips .
10, abnormal situation online alarm function
When there is an abnormal situation in the system (for example, the door is pried open), the system will send the alarm information to the duty center online. At the same time, for the important alarm, the system can set alarm information by telephone or SMS to inform the corresponding Responsible personnel, and than the alarm notice multi-level closed-loop approach to ensure that important alarms can be promptly handled and confirmed.
11, record query and report output
Administrators can query the relevant records as needed to understand the situation at that time in order to trace the responsible persons and generate the corresponding report printout.

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