IP67 Waterproof Heart Rate Detection Health Monitoring Bluetooth Wearable

RFID heart rate bracelet, the biggest upgrade is that it supports the heart rate monitoring function. It can record your heart rate in real time and scientifically plan your exercise. It can monitor your sleep state, can know that you sleep well, is automatic sleep recognition Oh, do not manually switch Oh! Meihe company Intelligent Heart Bracelet uses a military motion sensor, ultra low power Bluetooth 4.0 chip, can monitor the movement and sleep quality. Whether you are working, fitness or shopping with friends, it can record your sports data in real time.
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    Health Monitoring Bluetooth RFID Wearable
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IP67 Waterproof Heart Rate Detection Health Monitoring Bluetooth RFID Wearable

Smart bracelet can include RFID bracelet and healthy bracelet, that is, RFID bracelet and health bracelet can be called smart bracelet, can be any of them, generally through the function to distinguish between the RFID bracelet and The difference between healthy bracelets.

1, RFID wristband is generally used for access control, instead of bus cards or tickets there are school meals card payment, cooling library, water patrol, field operations
, The children's park, etc., because it is also a lot of memory and positioning tracking function, can be customized to change the two-dimensional code (UID code, dynamic URL, combination of numbers, personnel names and other personalized custom); it is the difference between RFID and not charge itself Without the battery, is the card reader to launch the electromagnetic chip to activate the chip chip, the chip will send the card number data to the card reader battery waves back to the card reader, through the long use of 125K, 13.55M two Species, this distance is relatively close to the general only to 2 ~ 15CM, also 915M can do 1 to 15 meters.

2, Healthy bracelet general sports people with more, its function breakdown down there:
Movement detection - how many steps to walk every day, how much calories consumed, see their own changes, self-discipline make you more healthy
Sleep Detection - Sleep Analysis
Heart rate test - health status analysis, such as prolonged motion, heart rate jitter, real-time dynamic heart rate best
Power - it is best not to charge a day power, charge a power at least one week
Easy to transfer - Bluetooth 4.0 is a good choice (4.0 should be the most basic standard)
Alarm reminder function - such as health abnormalities or prolonged no movement, sedentary reminder
Sports calorie analysis and recommendations
Data sharing to microblogging, friends circle and so on
Vibration reminder - alarm clock reminder

Product Description

This product is an ordinary watch card, beautiful appearance, with display time, watch shape, can replace a variety of IC card membership card consumer card area access card, bus card, subway card, card; can be customized according to customer needs chip model (Imported Philips S50 S70 chip made S50 Fudan F08 NFC chip) and so on.

Main function

Heart rate monitor, Pedometer,sleep monitor,calories,sedentary reminder,water drink reminder,call reminder,alarm reminder,photography,anti-lost,waterproof, altitude, barometer, temperature

Compatible with Android 4.3 or above and IOS 7.0 or above

APP:Getfit 2.0
Bluetooth Version:4.0
Waterpoof:IP67, can swimming and diving(Up to 5m underwater)
Display screen:0.66 OLED display screen
Size:length of strap:200mm-250mm,width:18mm
Material:strap:TPSIV;Buckle:Aluminum;Shell material:PC
Stand by time:15-20days
Charge mode:charge by charge clip

Heart Rate Detection Health Sleep Monitoring SmartHeart Rate Detection Health Sleep Monitoring Smart

Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband

Smart Bluetooth RFID Bracelet


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