PVC card common quality problems and solutions 2019-01-28

PVC card common quality problems and solutions

 01. Color deviation.

Since most PVC cards are imprinted in printing, dozens of singles are spelled on the same PS plate, so it is difficult to take care of each in the printing and coloring.

 A single, sometimes with a single color, but the other single color is far from the deviation.

The solution to this problem is to use special edition printing, that is, how to print a single PS, so that you can follow the order, color.

Will also be more accurate.

Sometimes the reason for the color cast is that the color of the material changes greatly, which causes the printed PVC card to be far from the usual, for example if the material

If the color is darker and the finish is not enough, the printed cards will all be dark and black. This problem can only be solved by replacing the material.


 02. PVC card scratching is serious

 The main reason for this quality problem is in the synthesis process. Because the PVC sheet is pressed with a steel plate during the card synthesis process, it is heated and pressurized.

 Two PVC sheets are put together. If the steel plate finish is not good enough, or the steel plate is not well maintained, it will wear on the sheet when pressing the PVC sheet.

 The surface leaves relatively obvious scratches, which affects the aesthetics of the card. The solution is to replace the steel plate that has worn out.


 03. Card deformation

 The reason for the deformation of the PVC card is that when the punching code is set, if the punching pressure is set too large, it is easy to deform the card. The solution is to press the press

 The power is small.

 Another case where deformation is prone to occur is that one side of the PVC card is coated with a synthetic film and the other side is not. Due to the different deformation coefficients of synthetic film and PVC, the card

 There is a synthetic film on one side of the sheet, which can easily cause the card to bend. The solution is to add a synthetic film on both sides of the card, or both sides.


 04. PVC card layering

 The reason for the delamination is that the synthesis time is not enough, the melting point of the PVC sheet is not reached, or the synthesis time is not enough, resulting in two pieces of PVC sheet not being completely

 Bonding. The solution is to increase the synthesis temperature or extend the time of the synthesis process.


 05. The edges are not smooth

 The reason for this problem must be that the die of the die-cut card is too worn or has a gap. The solution is to repair or replace the mold.

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