Rewritable and convenient waterproof tag card NFC rfid personalised key ring

Key fob is a small security hardware device with built-in authentication used to control and secure access to network services and data. It could be made of ABS or Epoxy. The tag is available for RFID technology, from low frequency 125KHz to high frequency 13.56MHz,thus it provides an optimal solution for different RFID applications.
Typically used for: access control, attendance control, identification, logistics, industrial automation, tickets, membership, public transportation, cashless payment, swimming pools.
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    Rewritable and convenient waterproof tag card NFC rfid perso
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Product Description:

Product Name
38*30*6mm, or customized
Working temp
-25℃ to 75℃
Chip Parameters
Available chips
TK4100, T5577, 5200, EM4305, NFC chips, Alien H3, Impinj, ect
Working frequency
125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860-960MHz
Reading distance
125KHz(LF): 1-5cm
13.56MHz(HF): 1-10cm
860-960MHz(UHF): 1-5M
Based on antenna and reader power
Special crafts
1. Silkscreen printing/Lasering
2. Laser UID code, serial number, QR code, ect
3. Data encoding, ID number recording, ect
E-ticket Access control, Cashless payment for different field like water park, amusement, school, hotel, and so on
125khz key fob

nfc fobs

rfid key ring

13.56 mhz key fob


mifare 1k fob


mifare keyfobs


apartment rfid key

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mifare classic 1k key fob


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Compatible Atmel T5577 HID Keyfob Tag
The T5577 keyfob provides the safety and convenience of 125KHZ contactless smart technology in an injection key card that is durable even in harsh environments. This voucher can be placed on a key ring or on a lanyard for access control applications that do not require a photo ID.
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The Rfid key fob is a small,also called hardware tokens, can be used to provide on-device, one-factor authentication to objects such as doors or automobiles,which can also be used as an authentication factor for objects that require two-factor or multifactor authentication,such as laptops.

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