Plastic RFID Smart Cards
Rfid Proximity Card Custom 2019-07-18

Plastic cards or pvc cards are commonly made of two materials, one is PVC and the other is ABS. PVC is the most widely used card-making material. PVC is the abbreviation of PolyvinylChloride. PVC material is a kind of plastic decorative material. It is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., and is made by mixing, calendering and vacuum absorbing. Made.


CMYK Printing PVC card manufacturing process includes film production, PS plate, printing, magnetic strip, lamination, printing signature strip, punching, post processing (bumping, flat, bar code, inkjet labeling, hot stamping, etc.) , quality inspection, packaging and other processes, the company uses the latest purchase of Heidelberg printing presses in Germany to print PVC cards, with high printing accuracy, accurate color reproduction, fast shipping, while improving the traditional card-making process, effectively avoiding Common quality problems such as PVC card color deviation, card surface scratching, deformation. Moreover, the company has optimized the production process, added anti-scratch, anti-deformation and anti-missing procedures to ensure that each PVC card in the factory meets the ISO9001 quality system standard.

PVC Cards also can be made with rfid chips,such as 125khz,13.56mhz ,UHF Chips.We often call that rfid card proximity card or contactless cards.

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