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How Does 13.56Mhz NFC Card Work? 2019-07-24

NFC – or Near Field Communication –NFC cards have become commonplace over the last few years. NFC technology is widely in use on public transport networks (like London’s Oyster or Hong Kong’s Octopus) and also now integrated into credit and debit cards to enable small purchases to be made with just a tap.

But how does the nfc card work? Here’s a quick explanation.

NFC is an evolution of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology – the technology used in everything from 13.56Mhz anti-theft tags in shops to the chips that track our pets.

NFC chips can store data – such as how much funds are left on your travel card – which is then read by an NFC reader using electromagnetic radio fields. These fields allow communication over a short range, generally no more than a few centimeters. The NFC chips now common in transport or travel cards can be activated by an NFC reader, such as those you see at retail checkouts or in the entrances to public transport networks.

To make sure data is secure, NFC connections are established over a secure channel that encrypts the data as it passes from card to reader. You can read more about how contactless payments are secured here.

NFC technology has many uses beyond cards, from being integrated directly into mobile phones to enable mobile payments, to smart toys that unlock bonus content in videogames.

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    RFID Polyester Wristband Bracelet For Even Ticket

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  • RFID Polyester Wristband

    Soft Smart RFID Fabric Nylon Polyester Wristband Bracelet For Water Park

    Polyester Wristband Elastic Closed With RFID Chip, could be inserted 125khz and 13.56mhz frequency chips, according to your request. RFID fabric wristband is bracelet embedded with RFID chips. The material could be silk satin or nylon for this style. It is comfortable and durable, which are equipped with a slider for a one-size-fits-all capability. Can be one time use or reusable depends on the lock type. Widely used on Electronic tickets, Outdoor activities, Exhibitions, Sports events etc.  We may customize your RFID cloth wristband with logo, pattern, and text etc.

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